Control box with power cables in carrying case.

When your Wheel Chills are not in use, place them in their stand so they are ready to go.

These will make your blue fans obsolete for cooling your wheels. No more having your car up in the air making adjustments while your fans are still on the ground not cooling.

For 15" Steel Wheels:

The Wheel Chill system consists of 4 cooling units, control box, stand, and carrying case. They provide an even flow of air through your wheel and around you rotor, caliper, hub, and shocks cooling quickly and efficiently. They are used during practice sessions, mock qualifying runs, and between twin races. They are quick to apply and remove, and they attach easily to your 15" wheels. The wheel plates will work with wide-five or five-on-five wheels. A set of Wheel Chills consists of high performance brushless fan motors that are rated for over 60,000 hours, precision-cut plates that are powder coated in wrinkle black finish, high-quality abrasion-resistant wiring and durable water proof control box.