Radiator Cooling System

Race Performance Engineering, the creators of Wheel Chill, is introducing their new radiator cooling system just in time for the 2015 racing season. The Grill Chill replaces that bulky box fan you are using to cool your radiator. Simply attach the system to your grill with hardware provided.  This system closes your grill opening and forces a directed path of cool air through your radiator. Whether your car is on the ground or on jack stands, Grill Chill will maintain a constant flow of air through your radiator.  No more repositioning or sacrificing cooling efficiency!  Never again will you jack up your car to change the rear gear only to have the box fan blow grease everywhere! That is just one small advantage of the Grill Chill!  If you are seeking a competitive advantage through consistent efficiency in cooling your engine, you need to be using Grill Chill during practice sessions, before qualifying, and between twin races. GOTTA GET A GRILL CHILL………. BEFORE YOUR COMPETITION DOES!