We are a small company but comprised of over 80 years of racing experience from Late Model through Nextel Series.

RPE believes in producing a quality product for the racer. We know times are tough and you expect quality, longevity, and durability for your money.

As racers ourselves, how many times have you been fooled with a product and come to find out it does not live up to the hype? Before anything goes out of our shop, we thoroughly test and redesign until the product works the way it should and perform as advertised.

The Wheel Chill product has been in development and testing for over a year. It's not as simple as bolting a fan on a disc and selling it. At least not for us. We have had our top engineers on this to calculate proper CFM for efficient cooling and making sure all aspects of our design are durable, effective, and stylish.   When you are winning, you have to look good!